Saturday, 2 February 2013

Drawing, Drawing, Drawing 01...

After my tutorial with Alan it was clear I was getting somewhere but it was clear that the personla touch was not quite there. His advice was to go away and just draw what I like, to combine my research with what appeals to me, and I should get some interesting shapes happening. The drawings are all from the animals in my nocturnal influence map but with particular attention paid to the Jerboa, Pangolin and two-toed sloth. Here's what I have so far (they're playing backwards for some reason though, sorry!):

The images from 1 & 2 were before the meeting, and from 3 onwards I was just drawing things I thought were cute. I like the idea that they're not any animal in particular, due to their home being a dream world they could be any kind of amalgamation of creatures. This is most clearly seen in pages 7-9, with the little character on 8 being one of my favourites so far. I've just started looking at 70's home decor for influence when it comes to body shapes too, and some of the lamps are great. I'm really enjoying this and I'll have more up soon! :D

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