Friday, 22 February 2013

Character Update...

I had a chat with Justin on Tuesday and he gave me some really great advice.  So, after this meeting I've decided to refrain from referring to the characters actions as 'dusting' and 'polishing'. They will still be called the 'Dream Cleaners' because that's still their job, the characters will still have the same abilities, but it will be kept as a metaphor, rather than something central to the narrative.

I was advised to think more about the characters personalities as it would help with their final designs because, although most of the characters work, they don't have much to set them apart yet.

Below are the changes I've made, along with a few previous studies:

 photo scene.jpg
To make her more unique, this character now no longer has goggles, but a home-made alarm clock she wears on her head to not only clear out the Nightmares but to irritate her fellow teammates.

 photo scene2a.jpg
I like the idea that this character enjoys being the centre of attention. Not only is it brightly coloured but it can light up it's lamp to illuminate itself further,
 photo Bat01.jpg
This is a new design for the villain's henchman. The smaller villain looked more intelligent so the longer owl has been changed to a bulkier henchman to provide the physical side of things.

 photo BatColours01.jpg
Here are a few colour options for the villain as he is now, I think 2 is the most successful so far.

 photo Fluffy01.jpg
I decided to tweak this character to make it a little more unique.  His power is more defensive as it has a very shy and modest personality. I like the contrast between his meek exterior that, when it gets scared or needs to protect itself, suddenly changes to a vibrant, disco-like appearance.
 photo Fluffy02.jpg
This is a study to try and portray his shy side and I think it's pretty cute.

Below are a few rough turnarounds from my sketchbook to try to see them in a 3D way:
 photo head.jpg
The sort of profile I'd like the characters to have,

 photo 20130222_101053.jpg

 photo 20130222_101041.jpg

*After my tutorial with Alan it's clear that the henchman design doesn't fit my world, so I'll be looking at designing a much clumsier and cuter henchman.*

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