Sunday, 10 February 2013

Character Development So Far...

After my meeting with Alan we came to the conclusion that I should have 5 characters, 3 good and 2 villainous. I did include one extra possibility for the good guys, so here's a little presentation of them below:
Character Presentation 


  1. Hey Molly :)

    Your 'cute' bunch work so nicely in silhouette - and the whole cream and blue line art style is working very effectively. I'm going to suggest your 2 villains need a bit more work; the tall owl's legs don't feel to me at least as if they quite fit your world and the grumpy one lacks something as a silhouette - do you think maybe he's too ball like and squishy (and therefore too close to the goodies) and that's it's worth thinking in terms of chubby cones or triangles or something not shared by the goodies?

  2. Ahhh yeah, that makes sense! Seems silly but I was so worried about the goodies that I did neglect the villains a little too much. I'll get on that next, thanks Phil! :)