Saturday, 20 April 2013

Flossy III...

I've had a lot of great ideas passed my way, particularly the one where I have a smaller, bouncier side-kick for the team. I absolutely love that idea but I feel that this kind of character doesn't suit flossy at all and seeing as there's so little time left, I can't really give a new side-kick the time it needs to be as adorable and fun as it deserves. So, here's how Flossy currently looks:

I tried smaller swirls very roughly, I don't think they work quite so well.
I can't quite get her swirls to feel right yet, I think they'll take a bit more blending to make them really feel part of her model and not stuck on there.

I also feel this is the most appropriate version so far. I'll play more with texturing tomorrow to see if I can get something that feels softer but all going well I'm looking forward to making her little wool tutu glow.

Let me know what you all think though! This is probably the final model I'll have (bar a few tweaks here and there and texturing where it's needed), so I'll really appreciate any feedback you have at this stage. :)


  1. Hey Molly - Flossy, the 3rd! Wow! I think this Flossy feels much more controlled and girly-shy now, and I really like the spiral details. My only comment would be to make the moon and star details the same pastel range as her base colours - they're maybe a bit too showy for Flossy right now, but if you were to colour-pick from her ice-creamy range and apply, they'd feel decorative and create interest without being too 'look at me!' - and that's it from me! :)

    1. Hey Phil, thanks for the feedback! Yeah, she definitely feels much cuter now and girly now! :D I definitely agree with making the moon and stars the same colour palette as she is too, they don't need to be so bright when she turns so bright herself. I'll tackle that task tomorrow too, exciting but also nervy times indeed XP

  2. Agreed Molly much better! you are very close now Well Done :)

  3. Hi Molly

    I agree, Flossy the 3rd is much better and more controlled. However, one suggestion. Your focus recently has been correcting the head of your character but it may be worth changing the body (very slightly) to refine the overall shape now you know the head better. At the moment the body is very square (disk / parallel / flat top and bottom). It might be worth making this more 'dress' like (sideways D shape - flat at the bottom / curving towards the neck. This is a minor adjustment but avoiding 'parallel's is part of good character design. A bit of re-scaling and you could have this corrected in no time.