Sunday, 21 April 2013

Trading Card Updates!..

First off we have the newly improved Flossy both Natural and lit up:

I reverted back to the previous textures because, as much as I loved the girly pinkness of the earlier design, I think it was too much of a middle ground between the natural and lit states. This way she's still a cutie with a hint of the colours in the pastel spirals on her wool but you really don't see how bright she turns coming.

Next we have Natty, Walter and Clarissa:

Natty is sporting her sponge wand, Walter his unlimited bag of gadgets, and Clarissa is holding a much more energetic and cute pose.

Let me know what you think of the changes, I'm hoping to do an illuminated version of Clarissa soon and then another group picture finally! :D


  1. Hey Molly - I think Flossy lit up looks a bit too masculine somehow - it's the red, I think - there's a bit of African Mask ethnicity going on in there; the effect would be totally different if she glowed blue or pink or yellow; there's something 'too dark' and beady about her eyes too - she looks a bit 'aggro' - more cross than magical (again, I think it's the red telling me all that). I also think she should be smiling somehow when she's lit up - more confident in her expression... anyone else think 'glowing Flossy' is coming off a bit aggressive?

  2. Perhaps just the spirals should glow?

  3. She comes off cute, but with a touch of bad-assery. Never a bad thing :D