Tuesday, 23 April 2013

How Flossy's Texturing is 'Glowing'...

Ohhh puns, I must be tired :P

Anyway, here's how she's currently looking with and without glow:

It's important to visualise how she'd look if she were a toy version of herself that lights up. I keep forgetting to see it that way, but hopefully it'll help when I refine her a little more

The glowing image is still rough as I'd like to refine the curls a little more as well as the glowing moon and stars, but I do like that the spirals look like they're glowing now. I also made her a little lighter in tone which fits with her light yellow natural state, and I think I'll curve her body to look a little more energetic. However, I feel like she's slowly but surely getting somewhere I like and that's always reassuring at this late stage.

While I was having a break from Flossy I've been getting my Natty model ready for 3D printing. The plan is to get her printed in either 4 or 6 pieces which will then be moulded, cast, and put together. This will allow for a small amount of articulation which (all working out well) will add an extra charm to the toys. Fingers crossed for tomorrow! :)


  1. New Flossy looks great, much more effective!

  2. It's all looking awesome Molly, good luck with the 3d printing, can't wait to see it.