Monday, 8 April 2013

Trading Cards: Walter's New Adjustments...

A new and improved Walter:

Following some feedback I've added some simple cuffs to his shirt, given his bow-tie a few jolly spots and adjusted the position of his arm to one that looks much better. I tried having the cuffs as different colours and the spots initially started as navy, but I felt that the darkness of the navy was too distracting and these cuffs seemed to be the only colour that matched the spots well. Good stuff though, let me know what you think! :)


  1. Hey Molly - yep, I knew his bowtie would bring him to life with a bit of pattern, but I'm wondering if you need to think about the pattern as being a bit more consistent in terms of placement of dots - as if it's a patterned bowtie, as opposed to spots added to the surface of an existing bowtie (for example you've got a 'space' on the bottom right corner of the bowtie which feels like it's missing a dot).

  2. Again agree with Phil.

    I think natty needs some sort of eye detail. Eye lashes and eye brow. Her eye area feels empty. I love her cuteness but it needs that bit more. Also a detail on her belt buckle and maybe some belt loops.

    Flossy needs some thing. .. a bit of colour, maybe an ear ring or something.

    Clarrisa the same as natty with eyes and her belly is shaped weird. Sculpt that a bit.

    Walter I don't like the putrid yellow top. There is still a skin on skin problem with the arm also. And as Phil said the dots need to flow more. Maybe add a watch to his right arm to make it more clear.