Monday, 22 April 2013

@Everyone, Flossy Needs You!..

I'm having a go at making the colours for Flossy less aggressive and it's been a bit of a struggle. Here's what I have so far:

I think that both the first and third images work. I did try using blues but I wasn't too keen, I think she's definitely more of a pink character. I'll be stepping away for a bit to have a break and hopefully when I come back I'll have fresh eyes on the situation. In the meantime though, any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)


  1. I like the second! The very glowy spirals work well against the soft brown wool :)

  2. I like the first one personally.. it reminds me more of a nightlight. I can see how the glow would project really brightly against a matted black material. I think the contrast looks more magical and individual :)

  3. hmmm,

    Okay - well for me, it's 2, but I'm wondering if her body should be more 'white and glowy' in general terms - again - think of it as a soft diffusion - that she's a tiny bit less 'muddy' (but not so white and glowy that she 'blows out'). Again - I think the glow should diffuse up into her ears a bit - and I think too her moon and stars should be glowing brightly too! And I like the suggestion of her little round cheeks and expression here.

    Hey Molly - keep going, everything is going to work out fine, and all this work will be its own reward.

    Incidentally - it's not that I didn't like 'red glow Flossy' - it's just that she began to drift over into Nigel and Alistair's saturation and colour scheme; I just felt she was getting a bit ambivalent in terms of her character - but in these renders she's very clearly still one of the Dream Cleaners team.

    1. Thanks Phil, I do agree that she was much too saturated really. I like how the glow worked but the colours definitely didn't fit the Dream Cleaners team. I'll have another go and see what comes out this time :)

  4. Tough call, but I'd go with 2. Agreed on the glowing moon and stars as well!

  5. Number 2...

    Glowing Moon and Stars

    Maybe a bit whiter in colour on the body itself but it's looking great!!

  6. Wow thanks everyone! This is all great! :D