Thursday, 18 April 2013

@ Everyone, Flossy Needs Feedback!..

Okay so Flossy is going back to her more woolly roots and I'm currently trying to make her a nice combination of both the before an after. However, I'm getting a little stumped on which ears to choose so have a nose below:

Previously she had an asymmetric version of B.

These are very rough tests so she'll go back to having variances in her ears and she's currently more asymmetric when it comes to the wool on her face too. I'm torn between the slightly more sunken and meek ears from A and the brighter ears of B. There's always the asymmetric option of having one upright and the other like A but I'll wait and see what people think. :)


  1. Hi Molly I think the ears feel like two different expressions of the character's personality so they could almost be part of a blend shape (if that is possible) so the sunken ears for sad and the upright for happy

    I do like the final image best though because that feels very characterful which the above two lack

    So unless you want to do a couple of blend shapes as discussed above then I would go for the happy medium and select the below image

    Hope this Helps :D

  2. It's B for me BUT I agree with Adam in that there's room for both if possible.

  3. Oh thanks guys! I'll have a little experiment with both then :D

  4. I think the asymmetric ears would be nice aswell..But B for me.

    A really reminds me of Eeyore, but with Flossy looks alittle more sad. I think with characters like Eeyore and Snow White's Bashful, as they are quite droopy in their structure, but the eyes and mouth express a more happy side to their personally so they don't look miserable, with them being curved upwards countering the droopy curve of the overall character design if that makes sense.

    I think if you now was to make Flossy too Droopy without expressing a more happy side of her, she could look too sad, especially against all your other lovely characters...

    She's a tough cookie, but I know she is going to turn out great!

    1. Aww thanks a lot for your feedback Alex! I hope she will too :D

  5. Hi Molly

    Can I make a radical suggestion?...

    Have you considered making Flossy more creature than person? Scaling her down so she is a fun and bouncy character that bounces (like a lamb / bouncing ball) around the feet of the other creatures. A bit like Fizzgig from the Dark Crystal (link below). So keep the ears and simplfy the head (more squashed ball / one ball of fluff) and then add cute feet. She could also 'puff-up' and 'light-up' when affraid (puffer fish). Just a thought.

  6. I have emailed you a very very quick doodle of the shape I mean.