Sunday, 7 April 2013

Trading Cards: Update 01...

I've just tweaked the names to make them a little different to the title:

I really like the colours used. I also tried to make Nigel's a kind of inbetween, so he has his main colours but they're paler, like the Dream Cleaners are. :D


  1. Hey Molly - looking increasingly coherent as a set, so well done - as always, you make good design choices and always respond intelligently to feedback - I've got a bit more Walter feedback for you which I just want you to reflect upon as opposed to act on;

    I just wonder if Walter needs a more obvious 'smile' - he just seems a little difficult to read in terms of his 'joyfulness' - whereas Natty and Clarissa seem very jolly to me. Also - and this is more difficult to put into words, but there's just something about Walter's hair piece that just slightly says to me 'dog poo' - (sorry, Molly - not sure how else to express it!) - Obviously, you're using flat matte colours so additional detailing/texturing on the hair is 'not of your world' - so I just wanted to bring this to your attention - though it might only be me alone in the whole world who is thinking 'dog poo' when I look at Walter's hair...

    Oh - and his eyes are much less gloomy-seeming now; he seems instantly more friendly this way!

    1. Ha! That did make me laugh Phil XP I do get what you mean though. I'm glad the eyes are working more now, so I'll go and have a little look at him, and a think, and maybe I'll come up with something that reads a little more like 'ice cream' than 'dog poo' :P

    2. It's not just me! I showed Walter to my 'other half' and this was the first thing he thought of...

    3. HA! I don't know what that is but I feel like I need to now! XD

  2. One thing: All of the characters are body-clad in some way or another (except some of ways you have used clever colouring to depict, E.G. Nigel who's green-to-purple skin works to suggest a pair of trousers below the tie?) Clarissa is back-tail heavy but on the front she is bare.