Sunday, 14 April 2013

Flossy Update...

Okay we have two flavours of flossy currently:


She's definitely much more interesting now! I also want to make a few stars or spirals to go with her moon too. I can't decide whether to have her completely vanilla, and when she lights up she has the neopolitan stripes, or have them faintly on her from the start, but they glow much brighter when she lights up. I think the former would be a little more appropriate for her character. She starts off nothing special and vanilla and then POP! She's glowing pink and blue and yellow!

I also like her little pink booties but I'm not sure if the use of pink makes her a little too similar to Clarissa now? Let me know what you think though! :)


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Tom! I agree, plus it works better for the big reveal. The coloured version did help me work out how to paint that too which is a bonus :D

  2. Hey Molly,

    I think I prefer the Neapoliton colour scheme from the off although keeping it subtle, maybe harden the edge of the pink band to make it more graphical. I think the plain colouring isn't catchy enough from the off, it just needs something to draw you in before the pop of light up mode. Plain white also reminds me of this:

    mixed unfortunately with a little of this:

    (blame Phil for the last one:))

    Hopefully that hasn't jaded your view of Flossy too much :)

  3. Hey Molly - I'm a fan of the Neopolitan too - she still looks very demure with those colour stripes, so surely, when she lights up, her stripes could be neon and disco and 'wow' - and that would still be enough of a contrast. The stripes just lend her something - and I'd like to see them continue on her body too. I wonder about shrinking her hairclip a bit too?

    I did think that when she's plain, she's a bit 'KKK' - the addition of that soft colour makes this afterimage impossible to contemplate - which is a good thing! :)

  4. Oh dear, yeah I see what you mean! :S
    I do like the softness of the colours from the neopolitan and her body definitely will have the same colourings too. I'll hop onto tweaking her hair clip and fixing up the colours next.
    I might also have a play with the neon version too just to see how she'd look, but I'll try not to get too sidetracked with bright colours and glows. There's still rigging to be done!

    Thanks for all the feedback though guys, I really appreciate it! :D