Sunday, 2 December 2012

Run Cycle 2...

Below is my second attempt at a run cycle put into a bit more context, the first is at 25fps and the second is at 30fps just to see if it looks a little better:

I've been struggling with this one for days but I do think it's almost there. I've been having trouble loosening him up so he doesn't feel as if everything's moving at the same time, but when I do I seem to come across very random and unpleasant jumping in his arms.

Anyway, I could do with a break from this cycle so it's time to continue with a few of his behaviours. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you J.J! I want to do this well but it's completely out of my comfort zone, so I really appreciate that! :D

  2. looking great, Molly! Congrats - and yes, move on now - go freshen up :)

    1. Thanks Phil! I'm gradually feeling more positive but you know what I'm like, I just have to keep pushing onward! :P

  3. One last tweak. Animate the root (cog) up/ down with the characters run to give to time in the air. If you look carefully the root is staying the same height throughout the cycle (pinning). This has the result of giving you a robotic (t2000 / terminator) run.