Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Final Animation: Fourth Draft...

Here I've added and tweaked a few intercuts. One in the spiral scene and the rest are in the window scene:

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  1. Working really nicely, Molly - everything is great here - but I fear I've confused you again in regard to the 'sliding wall' feedback; it's the scene that starts 0:16 - just keep that wall coming in from the left in motion so that it chases your character off to the right - don't stop it. Likewise at 0:20 - keep the walls in motion, so that there's always movement in this sequence - his, the walls etc.

    Well done on the intercutting in the window scene - spot on, Molly.

    Now - I think you need to show more actual contact with the 'pie chart' sequence - a better sense that he's pushing and folding it up; at the moment it does feel too much as if he's chasing the wall to keep up with it, as opposed to being the force doing the pushing and folding.

    Keep going, Molly - all these storytelling refinements are important and you're nicely on top of things, so eat this elephant slice-by-slice!