Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Final Animation: First Draft...

Here's what I've been up to:

It's working pretty nicely so far! There's still a lot of tweaking to be done but it's nice to see it as a rough whole animation now.

I've had a few suggestions and there are a few additions I'd like to make to certain scenes so:
  • The scene in which the floor disappears beneath his feet and he falls into the chasm below will have the pillars sink quickly in to the black instead.
  • This scene will be linked to the next by the character falling and into the next scene from the previous one.
  • The windows may need to slide in instead of having the instant 'light off' animation they have at the moment, allowing the character being squished to feel a little more like it's part of the scene.
  • The two sequences before he sits on the cube feel a little off still. This may be an issue with the editing or the camera and I'll find out soon.
I'm still new to animating and although some of it isn't that great I'm quite happy with how jerky it can be, and he's been a pretty cute character to work with so far so that's great. Any more suggestions and feedback is much appreciated and I'm looking forward to getting this animations polished and lovely :D


  1. hey Molly,

    Just wanted to say that I enjoyed this - this animation is absolutely WORKING! :) My brain is a bit fogged, so I'll look at this tomorrow and be as helpful as possible, but well done - you've achieved a lot, and you'll achieve still more! :)

  2. Love this Molly! it all really works well and with the soundtrack WELL DONE you should be proud :)

  3. Well done moo, very proud. Keep tweaking though!

  4. Aww thank you everyone, it means a lot to me! And yes, I will keep tweaking until it's the best I can make it! :D

  5. Hey 'Moo' ?! :D

    Okay - feedback time!

    The scene with the spiral - now that your character has so much life, these moments feel a bit rushed now and almost too frantic. There's nothing wrong with the spiral, it's just the camera rotation when we first arrive in that scene makes everything feel a bit messy and out-of-control - too much movement all at once. I wonder if you might consider keeping the camera still and letting him enter the spiral - and then having the spiral close up on him. It's as if the environment is behaving too aggressively towards him too early on. The camera movement is also having the effect of sort of hiding your animation of your character - as if the camera rotation is competing with my attention, which I want to give to the character. Have you considered just slightly recomposing this scene, so that the character is running into the spiral - so that the camera is at his back as he runs away from it into the spiral like a tunnel stretching out infront of him - so when he runs out of the frame in the aerial view of him, the next shot is him running away from the camera into the tunnel/spiral or similar. One of the 'weaknesses' about the spiral scene is that the spiral doesn't actually describe a three dimensional space - we're not sure how that environment is working; is he running downwards into it? I just want you to give this spiral sequence a bit of thought in terms of its function as a space or 'set' so he's more clearly 'entering' it. I'm not going to flood you with feedback, so that's it for tonight. I just want you to think about this one area and do so peacefully and in the spirit of tweaking this to perfection! :)

    1. Thanks Phil! I'll have a play around and a think about it today. I should hopefully have something up before the drinkies later! :P

    2. And yeah, Moo is what my sister calls me. Jon's just being a pain and trying to embarrass me as usual XP