Thursday, 29 November 2012

Run Cycle Attempt 1 Tweaking...

I tweaked the arms, added foot pressure and trouser movement below:

It's definitely a little tidier and I'm glad with how it's coming along after the little trouble I had earlier. Might have a break from these cycles and have a go at some reactions. After looking in The Animators Survival Kit, I've found a guide to creating surprise that I'd really like to have a go with. Onwards and upwards! :D

1 comment:

  1. Hey Molly - I'd just like to see him running a bit faster, as for me, this would help me guage the success of your cycle - perhaps you could create a tiny bit of footage wherein he's just running away from an approaching black wall? Just a bit of context - nothing fancy. But - yes, time to invest in some of his other behaviours, because he's got to jump and fall too, right? Also, don't forget, when he sits on that cube at the end, he's going to want to be sitting up a bit straighter somehow - his body language wants to change in this final shot, right? Anyway, onwards and upwards always! :D