Sunday, 23 December 2012

Final Animation: Fifth Draft...

Here I've adjusted the spiral scene to add a little more movement and tweaked the pie chart scene to seem as though he's pushing it rather than chasing it:


  1. Hey Molly, these extra cuts are making so much more impact. Am more connected with how the character is feeling during his desperate run.

    The front-webbed shot (at 0:57-58) towards the ending is very '1-2' break when the character pulls onto the darkness to crush onto it. Is this a desired shot (it changes in time with the piano key)? Maybe you can try slotting in a flash shot, similar to how some fighting-games do so upon defeating an opponent and then offering satisfying action-replay flash shots from different angles. It is a great feeling 'K.Oing' an enemy and then being treated to several shots of delivering the finisher. Just a thought...

    1. It's a good idea, but he hasn't won yet he's only just managed to get hold of the thing. The 'K.O' idea would come later after he's squished it all into a more manageable size, but I think more reaction shots could be used in the whole end section though so thank you for pointing it out Dayle! :D