Friday, 14 December 2012

Spiral Scene Adjustment...

Trying to make the scene feel a little more like a 3D space:


  1. YES! Really like this intercut - makes much more dynamic use of your character. I think you should seek further opportunities like this to lend further dynamism to your shot coverage - it gives a real 'pop' when the '3d-ness' of your world becomes so suddenly apparent. For example, there is probably an argument for intercutting similar shots into the remainder of the spiral scene - i.e. that you intercut to show him running towards the camera as the black closes in behind him and then back to the main shot - and variations thereof! You're making lots of great choices Molly, so I think these little pushes in terms of the 'filmicness' of your animation are very exciting! Onwards! :)

    1. Thanks Phil! I'm glad you think so. I'll post up the latest re-jig of my animation soon and I'll try to add a little bit more intercutting after that.

      If there are any more opportunities that I can't spot for more dynamism then feel free to let me know! :D