Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Final Animation: Draft 3.5...

Here I've re-added the first intercut and then re-arranged the other two in the spiral scene:


  1. Great Molly! I was worried I'd confused you into an early grave!

    So - time for some more feedback then...

    Firstly, is it possible to animate the wall at 0:17secs - so as he runs off to the right, the wall chases him? (I suggested this earlier I think but stupidly gave the wrong time count - doh!)

    Now - I don't want to be perscriptive about this next bit of feedback, because you're more than capable of putting some improvements together on the strength of the great choices you've already made. So, what I want you to do is look again at the 'window' sequence - from the moment he runs into the shot. I think there's lots of opportunity here for dynamic use of intercuts, close-ups etc. For example - to get you started - you've got the establishing shot as he enters the scene, but how about following that with a shot of him running up towards the camera, before cutting back to the long shot again? I think too, there's an argument for splicing some close-up shots of him as the lights start to go out - reaction shots - and then again as the walls come in (before cutting back to the long shot). Look at the ways in which those intercuts in the spiral scene have enlivened the pace, and use that confidence to similarly enliven the 'window' scene - give it a go, Molly - be bold, because you know how to do this and your judgement is good! :)

    1. Yeah I'll tweak that wall and have a go at adding some intercuts into the window scene today. I have some ideas already so I should have another video ready for the end of the day :)