Sunday, 4 November 2012

Pre-Viz Animatic: Part Three...

I've made the character react more appropriately in the old scenes and also tried to incorporate some close up shots too:

The close ups are a little jarring at the moment but when it comes to the animation there will be more of an emotional reaction with his face and body too, these are just place-markers at the moment. I think his reactions are working better now in the old footage, it's a little clearer what he's trying to do but do let me know if you have any feedback for me! :)


  1. Hey Molly,

    Okay - some advice for you. You're right - the close-ups are jarring, but if I'm reading you right, you're using them as placeholders, which means that some of the criticism I have of them might be irrelevant, because you already know what is actually happening there. I honestly think that you need to create a pre-vis that IS what you're going to do; because there is a limited usefulness to posting pre-viz that ISN'T what you're going to do. You run the risk of having your own ideas shot down this way because your 'own ideas' are 'not' actually being communicated. I've seen third year projects scuppered this way. So - when it comes to your interm crit, the pre-viz I want to be watching IS the pre-viz you want me to be watching. Sometimes, students use the pre-viz process as a form of procrastination - of not quite solving the problems they know their animation to have. This isn't me being a grump, I just want to be sure of the helpfulness and effectiveness of any feedback I'm giving - you know more about this pre-viz than I do, and I guess what I'm asking is that you put that knowledge in front of me.

    What I can say I think with confidence is that chasm scene needs a more dynamic angle - I like the way it begins as a top view, but it would be really nice I think if the camera moves downwards in an arc to reveal a side-on shot of your character standing on top of a high white column - so that when he jumps etc. we understand the danger he's in - and from there you can transition into the next sequence. Oh yeah, the 'spiral' transition at the start makes much more sense now - the idea that he's actually going downwards and deeper.

    So - think about your interim crit presentation, Molly - your pre-viz should be you trying to be finished with it; no place-holding, no postponement of structure problems; make sure the shots we see are the shots you want, because that way, when you get feedback from the crit it's 'news' as opposed to a repeat of what you'd predicted we'd say... Keep going, Molly - onwards - and with confidence please! Everything is going well.

    1. Yeah, you're right. I'll redo it again now and hopefully it'll be more on the right tracks. Thanks Phil! :)