Sunday, 25 November 2012

Playing with Walk Cycles...

Since I've been using the magical Pose Library script I thought I'd have a go at putting a rough walk cycle together. Here's how it's currently looking:

I also had a go at combining this walk cycle with another pose I made below:

They're a little stiff but I can see already that he's moving exactly how I wanted him to. I also love how his belt moves as he walks. Great stuff, now onto more posing! :D


  1. Hey Molly - exciting times, but yes, time to loosen him up a bit and also create the sense that his feet are taking his weight etc - that there's a bit of drag and heaviness to his feet. I'm sure you're all over this already, but his performance - his drag, his weight, his 'burden' really needs to be communicated physically in this way... fine tune this guy to an inch of his life!

  2. saw this thought of you...