Monday, 5 November 2012

Pre-Viz Animatic Update...

Here I've continued with the close up from the first scene, instead of having it cut back to the long shot:

Below has one other scene slightly changed. In the scene with the horizontal stripes, as the character passes through the middle and decreases in size I've also made him flip to the top of the screen:

Maybe that's an unnecessary addition, but let me know what you think! :)


  1. Hey Molly, first transition is fab! (And it occurs to me that maybe you should have the character walking across the white on a three quarter view - as you've done in the close-up of him walking - in other words, you have him walking more towards us on that trajectory from the beginning of the shot; and then, when you cut to the close-up, make sure you cut on a matched movement - so as his body moves up, match that movement in the close-up shot - and this edit will happen 'invisibly' - obviously it's pre-viz, but keep this invisible editing (or continuity editing) in mind as a means of further smoothing your transitions between shots.

    The scene when he flips - not sure about it - but that might be because it's actually too quick and doesn't feel as if it contributes too much; these scenes do need a bit of a lift however - could this be another opportunity for some close-up work - so for instance, you use the movement of the black elements to wipe-cut onto mid-shots, then close-ups of him looking increasingly bewildered and anxious - so, you start off as you have it, but as the first black element moves infront of him, cut to a mid-shot of him looking lost (with elements moving behind him) and then another black stripe moving infront of him, linking to head-shot etc. and then a final wipe returning him to small and prepping for the next sequence. I suggest you have a play - this sequence should edit together very nicely - because you've got that movement of the black stripes which you can use to your advantage.

    1. Thanks Phil! I'll get a new version up early tomorrow :)