Monday, 26 November 2012

Tweaked Heavier Walk Cycle...

Here's a slightly heavier version of the previous walk cycle:

Below is the same cycle bit with a few tweaks:

It's definitely working more now, thanks to the sad walk cycle Phil sent me, but maybe the coat expanding as he comes down is too much? Maybe he just needs to drop further down. I shall try all of these options and see how he looks!


  1. Hey Molly - wow - that was quick! This is already more convincing as a 'trudge' - but there's just something about the way his shoes and the bottoms of his trousers react - or don't - that's robbing a bit of life from him - can't quite express it - is there a way to put a bit of secondary 'sag' on the bottom of his trousers as his weight comes down? Like the fabric is puddling around his shoes as his weight comes down, and then pulling more taut as his weight comes off (please forgive me if this is a nightmare rigging/blend-shape thing) - it just feels as if his shoes and trousers are not being effected by some of the squash and stretch that is bring his upper body to life...

    1. Hmmm yeah, I'll have a little look into it though. That might be a rigging thing but fingers-crossed I can work it out with few problems. We'll see how it goes :)