Monday, 1 August 2011

Ursula's Tweaked Turnaround...

After finishing the first turnaround I thought I'd compare the variations of Ursula's silhouettes and check that she's still got that same shape that drew me to her in the first place. Here is the rough comparison:

The first is the original shape, the second was a concept painting I recently did and the last is the turnaround's side view.  It definitely feels like it's lost something and, although it is just a size and shape reference, it should still be powerful enough for you to know it's her when you look at it. Below is the edited turnaround:

Not much has changed, I just used the original silhouette as a reference and tweaked it accordingly. The arched spine is more prominent and her pelvis has a much better shape. Her proportions may be a little off but I think her shape is there so all I need to do is pop in and tweak it again. It's good stuff though! :D

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