Saturday, 6 August 2011

Dynamic Poses in Erte's Illustration...

As I'm edging closer to Ursula become a whole character I'd like to move on to drawing her as that rather than just a study. Phil pointed me towards the Art Deco fashion illustrations of Erte, as they consist of female models in very lovely poses so prepare to be flooded:

Though the statues are replicas of the illustrations, I felt it was quite nice to see some of the women he'd drawn come to life in bronzes.

There's a lot of lovely stuff here, some images I'll use for reference when I come to posing Ursula and some I'll just use for reference because they're great! :D


  1. Cool, I love Erte. Check out Tamara De Lempicka and Romaine Brooks. Two of my absolute favourites, might be of some use.

    Not to toot my own horn or anything, but my character design project from when I was in 2nd Year might have some relevance for you. It wasnt a great project by any means but you might find my villain character and the gesture sheets useful. I looked at the poses of fashion models, a lot of Erin O Connor if I remember correctly.

    My villain. This about as much as I can bare to show anyone. Haha!

    I probably have more influence maps floating around from that time if you want them as well. I was going for an Art Deco look crossed with characters that graft Nuclear weapons onto themselves. Cool concept, not so great execution!

  2. Thanks a lot Tom! Any directions that you think are useful are much appreciated, as is the link to you previous work, especially the gesture sheets!

    I'll look into those two artists for sure too! I never really would've clicked about Art Deco illustration, it seems silly not to have now :P