Friday, 5 August 2011

Character Influence Maps *Again* ...

I thought I'd update my dragon man's influence map too so when I come to tackling him I can have a bit more to work from:

I'd like a creepy, spindly minion to accompany Ursula's team. She'll have my rodent man as the clumsy, brutish type but she needs one that will be more hands-on and genuinely scary to be chased by.

I'd like to make some kind of mixture of these two characters I made previously as I like elements of both but on their own they are't quite right.

I decided to look at all kinds of creepy crawlies that are very long and spindly as well as gorilla skeletons because I like the hunch they have as they walk on all fours.

Below is a Strider from the game Half Life 2. It's very tall and thin and I like the mix of organic and mechanical it has.  It's skeletal and looks like it shouldn't be alive but it is, which makes it all the more creepy.

Below is a video of the Wheelers from Return to Oz. These things really creep me out. They have elongated limbs, horrible masks and seems to be part human part something very unnatural.  This is what I based the second character on and I'd love to capture their sneaky and very untrustworthy elements as well as their hunched physique.

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