Sunday, 12 December 2010

Some Creepy Images of Gas Masks...

After watching George A. Romero's 'The Crazies' I realised that there's definitely something unseetling and not very pleasant about these things, so I thought I'd have a little look for some effective images:

I really don't like these, by which I mean they're REALLY creepy!  I was also told by Dan about an episode of Doctor Who with a a creepy child in a gas mask that I think I also need to watch.
I'm still really unsure as to what I'll be going for with my final image, but I know all this research will get me to somewhere, and somewhere good I hope!


  1. Yes - the Dr Who episode with the gas mask is great - and I like the direction of this research - I like the period setting etc.

  2. Yeah, I really enjoy that nostalgic, sepia/black and white look that the photos have. I'm not sure why it makes me feel so uncomfortable but I really want to carry that over into my work if I can!