Saturday, 4 December 2010

Ideas Research Part 3...

This artist is Lasse Hoile:
Incident 15
Incident 18
The above 2 images are, as before, appealing because they have one figure to focus on.  The first image is effective because it's someone's home with a wrapped body and an ominous red light in its front garden.  This is ominous because it's a home, somewhere that is meant to equal safety and there's a potential corpse and danger light right in front of it.  'Incident 18' still has one figure but completely out of shot so that all the viewer can see is a black silhouette, something that has always been ominous because there's no detail, only suggestion of the shape that's about to enter the frame.

Insurgentes 08

These two images are again, very familiar objects that have been tainted in some way.  'Insugentes 08' is effective because of it's very worn appearance and the angle of the image taken is upwards, giving it a much grander scale.  Even though it's surrounded by day to day objects such as telephone wires and people walking in the street, this Gothic house sits, unchanged in the middle of it all.  The image of the piano is eerie, partly because it's blurry so the viewer can never know quite what details there are that could help them establish the scene, but because of the angle that the chair is at the viewer is told that someone was there, but why aren't they there now?  It's all very ambiguous and interesting!

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