Saturday, 4 December 2010

Ideas Research Part 2...

These images are all by the same artist Damian Loeb:


These two images above are interesting to me because they both give the viewer a sample of what they could see.  The above corridor that contains one door that is lit with a single light suggests that behind is something fascinating and exciting, 'Darling' shows what could be a gap in a door revealing a young woman in a night dress.  In both the viewer will never know what's behind either door and it's this that makes them so enthralling.

These above images are again interesting because of what they suggest.  In the graveyard image above, by the  headstones being above everything else it's suggested that they're in some way significant, also the use of it being at night indicates that perhaps whatever it is that makes them important will only happen at night, but because it's only dusk we'll never know.  'Scream' is also set at what could be evening and the house seems to be completely normal but the way the viewer can only see this slim image suggests that maybe there's something just out of view that would help them establish what the title refers to.

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