Saturday, 4 December 2010

Interesting Lasse Hoile Videos...

Music video for Steven Wilson's 'Harmony Korine':

I really like the imagery in this video, especially the reference to Un Chien Andalou at the end. Really strange and REALLY interesting imagery!

As I wasn't made keen on some of the footage or the music in the next videos I just grabbed some snapshots of the imagery I did like:

Opeth 'Burden':

Opeth 'Porcelain Heart':

The use of fabric and cropping has made some fairly simple images look much more interesting.  I really enjoy the idea of having something almost human that isn't quite right, such as the human bodies with animal heads or gasp masks. Even just the use of masks or veiling is really interesting to me.  It's definitely the unknown that makes images so much more enticing.


  1. Someone wrote a song about Harmony Korine? Thats pretty weird!

  2. I'm a bit of nab, I never thought to research into the title. I just did however and I agree, that is pretty wierd! I do like the song though... :P

  3. it's funny how 'hair' itself has an uncanny quality (all those opening shots of the long hair coming out of the water)- it's something that crops up in Japanese horror - when I think about Japanese horror, my imagination always shows me that long, black straight hair - I think wigs are pretty horrible for this reason too... again, disembodiment seems to be the activator for the effect.