Saturday, 4 December 2010

Ideas Research Part 1...

I've been a bit puzzled as to what to do so I've just been research lots of different images and artists that make me feel a little unsettled or seem to be more than they first appear.

David Hilliard:

Bleeder 2008

Dad 1998

Stella Searching 2000
The thing I like the most about these works and some of the others too is that each divide of these images could be an curious picture on its own.  Each seems to have more to it than the title suggests and each has one central model/character which the viewer is meant to focus on.  I really like that in each image there are objects that can be interpreted in different ways, for example the orderly arrangement of cereal on the table in Bleeder, but the chairs left ajar suggest rushing.  I'd like to create this quiet sense of movement or that the viewer has just missed some sort of previous activity.

Melanie Pullen:

Similarly to the above images, I chose these of the 'crime scenes' she had because they have the one focus and both of them have familiar locations.  Everyone's been along a pier like that and everyone's seen a station with that sort of underpass and I like the idea of having these normal everyday places suddenly become more sinister because there's a body laying lifelessly on the floor. I know that for our images we won't be using models but the idea of having any one thing sitting somewhere in the image that is either unnatural or unexpected is really appealing to me.  It's all about making the familiar unfamiliar after all! :D

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