Friday, 17 December 2010

Feedback please, LOTS of thumbnails!

I know my scene is here somewhere I'm just not sure where :S




 11- 16




They're numbered left to right, I hope they're clear enough :S

I know I want to capture movement, like static in the air just before the storm, I'm just not sure if any of these are close enough to doing it...
I really like the idea of having elements of humanity in there, the dress and mannequin and the gas mask.

The lighting isn't very clear either but I want it to either be very dark with one source of light or really bright really unnatrual light.  I'm also thinking I want to create a nostalgic theme, either sepia or black and white or something similar to this:

Where it looks really old but there's still colour in it...I'm really unsure though!

Criticism please, mostly constructive though I hope :P


  1. 10, 13, 26 - they're the ones that seem strongest to me - particularly 26 - though you'll need to widen out the view a bit to create more opportunities for the mise-en-scene etc. I like the silence of that one.

  2. Yeah I agree! I meant to have that one wider but I just started drawing them too big.
    What do you think to having smaller objects just slightly raised off the ground? Should I give it a go and see how it looks or just scrap it and make atmosphere through lighting and such?

  3. My instincts say 'scrap it' - but that's instinct talking - not insight... Personally, the gasmask is doing a lot of work for you, so I'd let it take centre stage : you might want to look at Ang Lee's Hulk - there was some interesting stuff there, with a house in the middle of the desert, if memory serves...

  4. Awesome sauce, thank you! I'll get on it!

  5. also - check out the paintings of Norman Rockwell for more 40s/50s images of American domesticity.