Saturday, 4 December 2010

Research into 'Forbidden Places'...

A very long post that contains a lot of interesting images from different empty places. I found this book called 'Forbidden Places' a while ago and discovered they also have a website, so I had a long browse on there and found a lot of real places that are naturally creepy. Not all the images will be as effective as others but each, I feel, has something unsettling or unusual about it.

 Abandonded Holiday Camp:

Abandoned Crypt:

Ghost Town, Indiana USA:

I've always found it really unsettling to see empty buildings, such as homes and churches, and areas where a lot of people would normally gather.  The idea of something that was once extremely important to someone just being left to fall apart is really sad but always makes you wonder why, and that's hat makes these images so intriguing.

Remains of a Plaster Factory:

Very strange places to leave objects reflecting the human form.

 Joseph Lemaire's Sanatorium:

I like the idea that you're looking through a window but you realise after that all the glass has been completely shattered.

New Jersey State Hospital for the insane:

Norwich insane asylum:

Similarly to the above comment, all of these are areas where there are supposed to be a large gathering of people and are meant to be maintained for comfort and safety, but for some reason they've been left to rot.

Oostende military hospital:

Overgrown Fertilizer plant:

Unsafe shelter zone:

Remains of beret factory:

It was really interesting to look at these real life empty and eerie places, and although I'm struggling a little to work out exactly what route I'm going to take, all of these images, combined with my other research, will help get me that little bit further.

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