Monday, 23 April 2012

Work Experience: Day 1...

Today was the first day of Work Experience.It was a really exciting briefing with some very exciting possibilities!

I've been looking into different techniques I'd like to learn more about and most of them stem from this tutorial:

I really want to look into sparkly particles and flowing cloth.  We've all got to make a VJ pack as well, which would be a series of really short but really effective animations made in After Effects or in Maya. For these I would like to focus on an animated organic growth, I've always been really intrigued by these in projections. 
We were also directed towards a piece of software called 'Resolume' which is used specifically for these kinds of animations. I haven't downloaded it yet but I've been looking at the different styles of footage and below are some of my favourite examples:

Power Flowers:

A really nice example of organic growth but with a really nice pulsing animation that would work well with music too.

Orange Strings:


Lively particles that zip around of their own accord. I like that they have tails, it can lead to some really nice spiralling effects.

Partikel Storm:

There are a lot of lovely examples of water-like waves of particles here. Theis soft glow and movement is something I'd really like to capture.

Colour Over Life:

This general softness would be great, along with the really bright colours. It could be a really nice effect if it then became clear and lead to something else being revealed.

Keeping things simple but bold seems to be the key here. I can't wait to get stuck in :D

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