Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Work Exp. Day 3 Continued: Animating Plants...

This is something I really love the idea of, whether for me VJ pack or for one of the two other projects. After watching Power Plants from Resolume, I decided to look into L-systems plug ins.  I've been unsuccessful in finding one so far, so instead I had a go at animating some of those paint plants found in Maya.

Here are the results:




These have worked really nicely so far. Granted, the animation is a little too jerky at the moment, either because the timing's off or because the values I adjusted weren't quite right. However, with a little practice, I'll learn exactly what values adjust what parts, and then the growth will be much more natural.

I'd also like to learn more about how make more illustrative growth in After Effects but that will take a bit more research. Really exciting though, and still a lot of fun! :)

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