Thursday, 5 April 2012

Rejigging the Sea Witch's Lair Update...

They're very new and basic but they're already making a difference:

I haven't finished lighting the scene yet. My computer decided to render things like a snail so I've been doing everything at an alarmingly slow rate. Saying that though, the transparencys I had a chance to play with are working really nicely, so more fun with those tomorrow! :D


  1. The vines are looking great, Molly. Try to take out some of the symmetry in them if you can; just split poly tool the planes and delete the top tendrils out on one side or something.
    I know you did this render in low quality and so the specularity feels noisy, but you might still want to tone it down a bit in places.
    I think it's probably a ram issue causing all of your render problems which is a shame. Once this project is finished we'll definitely look at fixing that for you. In the mean time, you'll render your final frames on my computer and will have to just keep using batch render to preview your scene. It just means you'll have to be a bit more thoughtful as to when you take a preview render.

    One last thing, are the purple god rays on a spot light? It'd be cool if it emited more from a point, so it came down at more of an angle from thin to wide as opposed to the same width all the way down.

  2. Yeah, these rendering problems are starting to get a bit silly now. That all sounds good to me though! Thanks Jon :D