Monday, 9 April 2012

Sea Witch's Lair Update...


There are still a few unwelcome outlines on my transparencies but it's coming along really nicely now. I also changed the acidic yellow to a gentler blue/green on the light orbs, which I think is equally unsettling but much less offensive to the eye :P


  1. looking very atmospheric now, Molly - but I think you need to actually give those 'orbs' some kind of design identity - think about maybe looking at mermaid's purses:

    the point being that they should look 'organic' and bespoke as opposed to IKEA - you should think more too about the way they're fastened - what about if they were suspended inside old fishing nets, or fastened with seaweed - something more obviously of your world?

    1. Thanks Phil! I'm glad it's starting to work together now, and yeah, you're definitely right. I'll have a go at that next :D

  2. oh yeah - I think you need to get a glow inside of that 'skull on a stick' - or something to make it punchier? It just feels like it's a feature skull, and not simply one of the other kind. Also - now that you've established for the audience that there are these specific light sources (other than the god rays) you can be more artistic and 'illogical' with them. I know that Alan talks a lot about adding rim light to objects to make them punch out of their backgrounds more; for example, if this was a digital painting, I know that I'd be wanting to add rim-light to the top right of that 'skull on the stick' and the boat bits themselves, the figure-head, some of the bones on the floor, and, of course, the cauldron. Maybe have a chat with Alan about this...