Thursday, 25 November 2010

Finished Second Final Piece...

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Okay this is what I've ended up with. I've gone with blues again for the cave and I think it adds the space I wanted.  I like the angle but I'm not sure if it works but I'm mostly happy with it !
Please feel free to give feeback, it's much appreciated! :D


  1. this is such an interesting choice of perspective and view, though I would "leave the door open" to see more what's happening in the background ( or if it is a wall then no need to, ofcourse)

  2. It looks very good Molly! Very impressive :)

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys! :D
    And Jolanta, it is meant to be a wall and the tiny white-ish bit at the bottom is the doorway, but it isn't very clear :P