Wednesday, 17 November 2010

More Development Thumbnails...

These are to help me work out exactly what sort of angles I want so there's a mixture of different scenes:

It's getting there. I just need to refine them a little more before I'm certain which I'll use.


  1. so - what are your faves? Mine are (from the top) 2, 8 & 9 - I like the ones where we see the cage and we're a bit stepped back - I can imagine some very theatrical lighting here - beaming down from above, and so casting amazing shadows on the surrounding cavern walls. I know this is a contradiction to previous feedback, in which I suggested that putting the POV 'into' the scene would add drama - but here, for the first time, you evoke the SCALE of this space - and I like it! :-)

  2. Oh excellent, I definitely like those thumbnails. I like the sound of having really dramatic shadows cast out from the figures, especially if they were a little contorted too. I was hoping the table scenes would have a little more when it came to scale so that's excellent. I'm glad I'm getting somewhere to be honest, thank you for the feedback and I shall get onto making some in Photoshop! :D