Thursday, 11 November 2010

A Few More Extra Thumbnails, Feedback Would be Great!

These were fairly quick, I just wanted to get some ideas going to see if I could work out what angles are strongest and what looks most dramatic.

I think I like death standing up with an unnaturally curved spine because it makes it much more ominous, and due to the tribal people that would've carved it I like to think they would've made it as scary and unnatural as possible.  It's not detailed enough yet of course but I'm gradually finding the shapes I want.


  1. love the top image! Super-dynamic! The table shot is tricky; have you considered raising the table up - like a dais or pulpit - something with a bit more ritual and religiosity about it? It still doesn't feel 'special' enough somehow. Perhaps you need to go back to the source novel, back to the culture described and see if you can find an alternate way around the problem.

  2. Definitely a good idea. One of the stalactites was described as a pulpit so I'll go back and see what else I can pick up. Out of the top thumbnail and my latest photoshop of the cave, which would you say is stronger? Should I even combine elements of both?