Sunday, 21 November 2010

Friday's Photoshop Ideas...

After Speaking to Photoshop Phil He showed me a quick way of creating layers with the lasso and then a way to save time colouring my black and white images:

This was my first attempt at one of my final pieces using the techniques Phil showed me. I sadly forgot to save my progress but it's easy to see that it isn't quite grand enough.  I've decided to try a blue colour scheme because I like that it can portray an empty coldness and also an ethereal atmosphere. 

I'm really happy with how big and empty this hall looks with the table right at the centre.  I also like the atmosphere that's created by the gradual colour change near the back of the image.

Here I decided to try adding more perspective into the image.  I wanted the columns to be more dramatic and I think they are.  The next move is to add colour to this and try another angle to make sure this is the right one. 
Again I have chosen to use very little shading as I was focusing on the angle and depth but once I've chosen the angle I'll be able to create more textures and more dramatic shadows.

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