Thursday, 11 November 2010

More Photoshop Ideas...

This time I just had a go at the room of Death:

I had a go at using a round table as the images with the long rectangular one weren't working very well at all and I think it's definitely an improvement.  I'm still not getting the angle right as it's still not dramatic enough but at least now I feel I'm on the right tracks.
I decided to add a little bit more detail in as well.  I added some shadow and lighting as well as drawing onto the dead bodies to try to show vaguely what they are.  I also had another play around with brushes, trying to add a little texture to the background and table.

I appreciate any feedback and criticism anyone has to offer, I keep getting myself a bit stuck and not quite reaching what I want.


  1. You might want to consider 'joining' up some of those calcified bodies - so they've sort of started to merge - and also, you might consider having a few connected by thin stalacites/mites to the ceiling, so you've got something a bit cage-like, and more organic? Remember to keep looking at your cave research; your corpses don't feel as if they grown like candlewax - rather more as if they're wearing pillowcases over their heads.

    Also - I think you need to get some scale going on here - I think we need to feel the space more...

  2. Yeah definitely. I'll get some ideas going in thumbnails and then have a go on Photoshop. I'm still a bit frustratingly slow when I'm using it so I never move on quick enough to improve the images. But I'll just keep trying and I'm sure I'll get there :P