Thursday, 11 November 2010

Another go at the Cave...

Some more Photoshop practice, trying to get the height and depth right in the cave:

It's getting there.  I'm still keeping the detail to a minimum so I can focus on getting the positioning right and I think I'm almost there.  The stalactites are looking much taller and there's more going on as I added a couple more rows of them so that's pretty positive.  One thing is that I haven't added any shading or light to the columns yet, but like I said previously, I just want to get the angle right first.
It needs work but I think this is a good sign! :)


  1. Compositionally, I think it was stronger before it was flipped - so the 3rd image down...

  2. I think so too. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. In answer to your previous question, I think the previous thumb is strongest.