Tuesday, 9 November 2010

More Photoshop Practice...

Here are some more attempts at creating height and depth in Photoshop, I kept them very basic so I could focus on getting the height and depth right:

This one is okay, obviously there needs to be more detail in the back ground but I wanted to move on to another image just to see if I can do better:

There is a lack of detail again but this is because I decided to keep them as mostly shapes for now.  I think this is another improvement but I think the first two drawings had something better than the last ones, possibly because I made the tops too bulky and the bases too thin in comparison.  However, I know what I'll try next and as soon as the angle is found I can move onto actually forming the details and colour palette of the final pieces! :D

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  1. This dramatic perspective is MUCH more exciting, Molly!