Monday, 26 September 2011

First Notes on Fantasy Ninja Character Ideas...

A lot has changed since I made these but I want them to be up there in case there's something that may help later:

  • Ninjas with magic - Teleportation, stealth/invisibility.
  • Female hero.
  • Are there dragons? If so, what kind and are they tame or something the characters have conflict with?
  • If they have magic, do they have spells like fireballs or is it strictly to aid them hiding in the shadows?
  • Is the world hidden within our material world, deep inside the forests (like a mystical version of Poddington Peas) or is theirs completely separate to ours (like the Kami)?
  • Ninjas are the good guys, would the villains be ninjas also but with opposite moral values? 
    • Are they physically different due to their corruption or perhaps they're different species.
    • Is it a case that a ninja has gone rogue and taken it upon themselves to wreak havoc on the world?
  • The world they live in needs rules as they allow for more accurate representation of the character's abilities and explanation.
  • Research wise: Look into Samurai Jack, see how they've adapted Japanese mythology to portray these characters and their environments.
    • Research into Japanese mythology, history of ninjutsu, any folklore or common themes within them.
    • Look into their uniforms. Is it normally the all black outfit or is that a western misconception?
      • Following this look into the 80's style clothing and combine them accordingly.
  • Colouring: Deep purples/blues for the 'good' ninjas, maybe a strip of colour like TMNT.  Villains could perhaps have quite garish colours to show they're unafraid of being seen, such as greens or purples depending on final hero ideas.
Research into Kami (thank you Phil and Chris! :D) and everything else mentioned will be up soon! :)

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