Monday, 26 September 2011

Fantasy Ninja Story Ideas...

After doing some research I've come up with these two rough ideas:

  • Demons/Tengu from the Other World are breaking through the barrier between the spirit realm and into our material world, manifesting as powerful means of destruction. Our hero, a kami (spirit from the Other World), has taken it upon themselves to cross over into the material world to rescue it from total chaos.
  • Set in the Other World, all is not well with the spirits. One of the more arrogant Tengu has become restless and sought dominance over the spirit world, but one of the Senjin Kami, a mountain dwelling spirit, is taking the journey into the lower depths of the Other World to fight the Tengu and return their home to the peace it once had.
I'm a little stumped as I quite like both of these, but I think I may be leaning more towards the second, even if just because I can have something really fantastical and as the first may end up being a rip off of Samurai Jack :P

Now I think it's probably time to look into how fantastical the world could be and what my characters may actually look like, so...Onwards! :D


  1. I think the second option is potentially much stronger, visually. It gives you a chance to really ramp up the fantasy aspect.

  2. Yeah exactly! I'm glad you thought so as I have a rough idea what I'm going for now :D