Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Collector's Face Part One...

I thought I'd just give it a go as I was REALLY unsure what to go with so this is how it went:




I think it's almost right. I like the idea of it looking like a sort of half-humanoid half-animal so I think from the side it'll have a flat nose much like a ram or goat. I'm trying to keep the skin tone looking like it was once healthy but it's starting to rot away and fester, which isn't quite portrayed yet but it'll get there :P
Also, the eyes are meant to look sunken and I want them to be like deep dark pits that sparkle beneath the hair, so that'll need some work too. Generally good though, I think it's suitably unsettling but any feedback or suggestions are much appreciated!

The leather stitched together skin is on its way, I've been working on it a little but it's not really looking like much so that'll have to be a future post :)

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