Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Character Design: Fantasy Ninjas! *Repeatedly Updated*

Well I was pretty unexcited at drawing these two words from the pack, until I realised that to have 'fantasy' as a description means it's pretty much open to any interpretation. This is very exciting indeed so onwards to some research and ideas:

  • One thing that I'd quite like to have is a strong female hero. After looking at the images of Pocahontas and Wonder Woman, I think having a physically amd emotionally strong female lead would be really great.
Ninja Research:

  • Tengu are Japanese demons that can be both evil and beneficial. Usually with large noses wings and clawed hands, they are also said to have trained ninjas/shinobi.

  • The ryu of ninjutsu are schools usually with legendary foundation stories.

More soon...

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