Monday, 11 October 2010

Some Photoshop while you wait...

Just thought I'd bung some of my work from last Fridays Photoshop session up while I'm waiting to get my pictures on here.

Sorry about the massive jump here, I forgot to keep using 'save as'.  I drew a quick outline of the shape of my previous drawing so I could have the same position but then elongated it and tweaked bits here and there.

These two are only slightly different as I was just playing with the mouth shape.

Even though I was really happy with my previous drawing I wanted to try playing around with the body shape itself but keep the general pose.  I think I'mreally happy with the way it's standing because I didn't want my metamorphosis to have changed much of who I am mentally. I'd be pretty upset if this happened and I wanted to capture one of the moments when I haven't yet succumbed to the more 'beastly' side of the dragonfly's nature and I'm feeling really vulnerable.
The face and body shape are definitely not finished yet as I want to make them resemble me more but I'll have the sequence of facial images, each changing gradually, on here tonight and a similar study of how my back would change after that.  Exciting times!

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