Thursday, 28 October 2010

My First Influence Map...

...and it's on caves!

The majority are South African caves but some are just examples of other limestone caves.  I'm trying to keep the location as realistic as possible so I thought I'd research the kind of caves that are in South Africa as that's where the mines are based.  Lots of fun stalactites to be seen and some pretty cool cavernous shapes!


  1. Okay Molly - but remember 'realism' is a style when it comes to CG animation - there are others; time to check out some other 'isms' perhaps? Impressionism? Expressionism?

  2. Yeah, I realised after I'd made it that it's pretty limited. I just wanted to get one going because for some reason I keep feeling a bit slow. I'll update it tonight along with a couple of others I've been working on.