Sunday, 17 October 2010

My face, Everywhere!

Sorry for the ridiculous delay, I've had these for a week but I've only just got round to putting them up.

I, like many other people I think, don't particularly enjoy looking at myself for long periods of time so trying to draw myself was really tricky.  I think I did okay, I'm generally pretty happy with them because they look at least a little like me.

Profile image which is a bit squiffy but I though I'd best give it a try:

 Now I've managed to tackle drawing myself I decided I should move on to trying drawing myself in a sequence to try and help with getting the right combination of Molly : Dragonfly ratio.  After watching David Cronenberg's 'The Fly' I decided to try and go for a really in between hybrid that maybe only has elements of myself and the dragonfly as it's more of a genetic amalgamation of the two. To make sure I get the face resembling mine, even a little, I decided to go from drawing myself and gradually changing my features until it ends up as the dragonfly's face...

 <- My choice

I'm really glad I did this as it was the drawing in the middle of them that I decided to use as a basis for my face shape and features. I'll put my Photoshop work that was influenced by that drawing up as soon as possible and until then, I look forward to finally getting my final portrait done! :D

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